Saturday, June 28, 2014

My First Internship!

Isn’t it funny how we plan the unknown? Somehow when I left the States, I had the sense to decline buying a return ticket, to pay for rent through summer months, and to buy a bus/metro pass valid until June 30. I must have known that some amazing opportunity would come up and allow me to stay in France after courses ended. This opportunity happened to be a paid internship at my host university.

I was hired to be a member of an amazing team of 120 Admisseurs, or facilitators, for exams candidates of ESC Rennes would come to take. This job would require me to work in French with my peers and to treat my school as a business.  We would organize the entire event and aid the candidates during their visit at the school. This would be our opportunity to show students from around France, even Europe, how awesome our school is!

We would spend one month in preparation for the arrival of the candidates. We needed to visit different businesses and bargain for decorations, supplies, and treats all for our incoming Admissibles. I knew it would difficult to begin speaking French for about 75% of the day but it would become easier and easier as time passed, I was sure. We needed to undergo trainings, organize meetings, and become a team within the first few days.

I decided that my goal during this internship was to become more integrated with the French students, to improve my language skills, and to enjoy the rest of my time in Europe!

"Getting to know you" picnic

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