Saturday, June 28, 2014

Family Rendez-vous in the City of Lights

It was finally the end of April, exams were finished and I was on my way to Paris to meet my family! I was so excited to play tour guide in Paris! It felt so bizarre to know that less than 3 years ago I discovered this magnificent city for the first time and now it was my 15th! This time, I knew the big sites and even some of the history behind them, I knew how to speak the language, and I knew I would really enjoy my visit since I was with my family (and was on their budget, just kidding)!

When I finally arrived at the apartment my parents were staying at, I was extremely anxious to see my little sister, Brooklyn. I had not seen her in almost an entire year and that was the most time we’d ever gone without seeing each other. There is nothing like seeing her, happy, in my favorite city! We made sure to get a picture together on our balcony with the Eiffel Tower behind!

The week was filled with tourism and I wanted to make sure my family had a good experience, not only in France but in Europe. We visited the l'Arc de Triumph, Champs Elysee, and walked to the Grande Palais and Concord, Pont Alexandre, and other great sites of Paris. My day was when it was Alison’s (my step mom) birthday! We dressed up and had lunch in the Eiffel Tower! We were also able to explore Versaille before the week closed.

We were able to meet some of my friends passing through Paris, Luana and Carolina from Brazil, and Alex from Ireland! Brooklyn absolutely adored each of them and followed them like a shadow. I was happy to be able to introduce my family to my friends and give them a glimpse my life in France. Brooklyn was keeping a journal of the week and each of her new friends featured in it!

The week was full of discoveries and family fun! I even managed to get a Skype interview from the Center for International Education at UNC and later found out that I was accepted for the Peer Advisor position for the coming year! It was truly a week of great things! By the end of the week, I was sad to see my family leave, especially knowing that I was going back to "different" Rennes since my friends had all gone back to their countries. Although this was difficult to take in, I was looking forward to beginning my internship at ESC Rennes and making new friends!Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. once said that “a mind that is stretched by a new experience may never go back to its old dimensions.” This quote not only encompasses the past year but also the future to come and I re-entered Rennes with this idea in mind.

I must thank my Dad and Alison for coming to visit me and for making the week amazing. Also, shout out for Brooklyn for being a rock star 5 year old and walking miles upon miles in Paris. I must also mention how much I admire my dad, an amputee, for walking those miles right along with us in one of the most Handicapable-unfriendly cities, and of course, Alison for being the the one who keeps us all together. I love you, guys!

I Love You mural in Montmartre

Enjoying French Pastries

"Picnic" Lunch in the Eiffel Tower
Barbe de Papa by our favorite site!

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