Friday, June 20, 2014

La Fin du Semestre

April was full of fun. The weather was beautiful, the semester was finishing up, and we discovered a lot of fun places.

Maren, a friend who was on exchange at ESC last semester came back for a mini reunion! We all picked up right where we left off and had a great time being together. We went for crepes, met friends for a night of dancing at Cubanacan, and drank cups of tea and caught up. I’m looking forward to seeing Maren when I return to the U.S (she moved to Mexico)!

The next week, we began studying for exams and decided to have a group study at Parc de Thabor. That week there was a performing arts exhibition called Mythos. Funky lamps and gypsy decoration adorned a large portion of the park, perfect for having picnics, studying, and lying in the sun. Our week was perfect!
In April I was also accepted into an internship held by ESC Rennes for Les Admissibles 2014. This opportunity would allow me to stay in France through July while working in French. I am so thankful for being hired and allowed to enjoy a few more months of life in Europe!

As we started exams and began wrapping up the semester, we began realizing that our time together was limited and people were getting ready to travel Europe or return to their home countries. We spent our free time meeting up and having dinner chez bresiliennes. Soon exams were closing and we had to fit in packing, closing accounts, on top of making sure to do our favorite things in Rennes. I said my final goodbyes when I left for Paris to meet my Dad, Alison, and Brooklyn. It was bittersweet!

Happy to have Maren back!

Mythos Festival

Final soiree!

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